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"Your imagination is a preview of life's coming attractions" - Einstein

Finding inspiration has long been a point of focus for me, and my series “Smoke Muse” was based around the process of discovery. Consequently, I often begin the process of creating to conjure inspiration, which then spurs me on to something more meaningful and robust. I draw from my own joys, struggles and experiences, using art as a form of therapy. Creating art has become a dominant method that I use to pursue happiness and fulfilment.

For years, I pursued a path of presenting myself as a photographer that ‘the people want’ - a way that I thought other professional photographers were or ‘should be’, but over time I came to realise that I should embrace my individuality and approach my art the way I felt it. This of course, attracts only the interest of those who truly enjoy and appreciate my particular brand. No one else has my mind and will work in the unique way that I do, so why should I swim in the sea of other photographers out there? This way of thinking has helped me shape who I am as an artist.


girl with glasses loking downwards. Colours around head.

I want to share what I feel - the love I have for creating and capturing moments that hold light and dark, and demonstrate the roles they play in mood and atmosphere creation. Light, and the way it’s presence and absence can turn something simple into magic, can make one feel something that may not have existed otherwise.

I have a tiny studio in which I create my art. Although at times I’ve longed for more space and equipment, I understand that by using what I have and making it work has taught me that I can overcome superficial obstacles, as long as I remove the barriers created by my mind. As it is with a painter – the paints and paper do not make the artist, it is their talent – so it is with photography. An artist is not defined by their equipment, but by their desire to create.

Photographer Joel Grimes said “If you have passion to create – you're an artist”, and I whole heartedly believe in this statement.

girl sitting contemplating

I know I am my worst enemy when it comes to my art, and any constraints I have are placed there by my own mind. But the quote, "Your imagination is a preview of life's coming attractions" can be drawn upon to strengthen resolve as I face the obstacles of everyday living in a world with so much beauty and magic, but also so much judgement and resistance. In the end though, it’s myself that I have to fight to get where I want to be.

Life creates many hurdles, but I know my art would not be the same without this fact. Learning this has become an exciting tool for me to branch out into new conceptual and visual ground. I'm looking forward to future collaborations with fellow artists as I move forward in this exploration.


"We are completely thrilled with the photo’s you took of our big day! Our wedding was a casual affair and you captured every laugh and every moment in a way that was both magical and sentimental. Our friends and families felt relaxed in your presence which can be reflected in their candid snaps. Memories of the whole day come flooding back when we look your photos, and we love seeing the bits we missed out on too! The way you made use of the outdoor lighting is simply breathtaking – I can’t believe how radiant the portraits turned out (especially as I wasn’t wearing make-up!), let alone the outdoor night shots that captured the energy and colour of the festivities beautifully. We couldn’t be more grateful that you were our wedding photographer - I have and will continue to recommend you!"

Elysha & Luke Kramar

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